Josh & Me

Got to Tahoe for Spring Break to do some snowboarding and I hooked up with my bud Josh Maddux who recently relocated from Indiana to Nevada. He works with the Reno Aces, a Triple A Diamondbacks club starting their second season. It was good to see him again. Man, it was cold. The park and operation were first rate. I was very impressed. It was a fun opening night at the ballpark and the Aces won their opener in the 12th.


Josh and Jim

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  • bravosin99

    Ricky, give me a break man I just came from Indiana anything over 45 degrees is summer/short sleeve weather for me lol. By the way Ricky, when you gonna make it over here to a game? JD haha, I hope I am not as lucky as you although gray hair does seem to come early in my family lol. It was good to see you again man.

  • JD

    Thanks RBD. I love my pea coat. Looks black but it’s navy blue. The reason Josh is in short sleeves is because he works indoors and I was in the stands for a 12 inning night game. Burr! Hey Josh, maybe if you’re lucky, your goat will get white at 26 like mine did. Something to look forward to, ha!

  • rickybulldog

    Looking studly JD! That’s a nice pea coat. All you need is a Fedora! Cold? Why is Josh in short sleeves? I guess us SOCAL guys are not used to the cold weather (I’d be freezing my ass off too). Too much sun and fun!

  • Mr. Mitt

    Dream job, Josh… fantastic!

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